The list of our great leather architectural products includes:

  • Leather Wall Panels ... to make any interior luxurious and unique
  • Leathers for Leather Wall Panels ... our superior selection
  • LOKtm ...large-scale woven leather for walls and furniture
  • LeatherTiletm ...solid leather for floors, walls and other surfaces
  • LeatherPullstm ...leather-wrapped door pulls, stitched by hand

Leather Wall Panels

Leather Wall Panels make any interior luxurious and unique. The rich and lustrous patina of leather as well as the seductive aroma gives a sophisticated image unequalled by other material.

Leather Wall Panels can be created using Leather Wrapped Panels, with the leather stretched over the front and sides of a wood panel and glued to the back surface. Foam can be used to create a soft, tactile surface. Smaller leather panels can be inset into various types of frames. Standard and custom sizes are available.

They can also be created using our innovative LeatherLoktm and LeatherTiletm products shown below.

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Leathers for Leather Wall Panels

A rich and varied selection of specialty leathers ideal for vertical application is available. These leathers range from embossed art-nouveau patterns to "exotic", distressed, hair-on hides... even genuine stingray!

Download our PDF (right) for more details

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LOK is a unique, large-scale woven surfacing material for vertical application on focus walls, available in leather LeatherLok, wood WoodLok and solid cast aluminum MetaLok

LeatherLoktm can make a unique design statement that enhances reception or other high-focus walls. Applications can also include screen systems, doors and furniture detailing, as well as acoustic.

Wood strips are pre-formed, wrapped in leather and "woven" together in a basketweave pattern forming small modules. These modules then easily fit together to create a seamless grid system that can cover small areas or entire walls. Strips are available in two widths: 1 5/8" and 2 5/8" wide. Available in a range of leather colors, LeatherLok provides an elegant architectural and design element. The system can be purely decorative or it can be functional for concealing items such as radiators and air-conditioning as the intermittent reveals between the strips provide the required ventilation. Or, backed with contrasting colors or lighting that appears in the reveals, LeatherLok can make an interesting visual statement.

WoodLok:tm Also available in a wood version (3-ply plywood plus face veneer) in cherry, maple and oak.

Click here for a slide show showing the assembly of one of our LOKtm products!


LeatherTiletm is the ultimate material for classic comfort underfoot. But don't limit it to walking-LeatherTiletm is beautiful on vertical surfaces-covering entire walls, inset panels, doors, borders as well as desk and table tops, bar tops and fronts, reception desks...the list goes on...

LeatherTiletm is 100% leather that is compressed into heavy, thick hides. The leather is cut exclusively from French hides and tanned in the traditional, old-world style in Italy. This tanning procedure is certified by "The Consortium of Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather" and is guaranteed to be totally biodegradable: no chrome, pentachlorophenol or benzene dyes have been used in the process. There is 5% pigment in the water base finish to provide an even color and minimize fading.

LeatherTiletm has a patina that has transparency, color depth, brightness and color intensity, providing a rich and lustrous look that invites the touch, as well as the seductive aroma that only genuine vegetable tanned leather can supply.

LeatherTiletm is resilient and provides incredible and sensual walking comfort. It also provides sound absorbency and heat insulation. LeatherTiletm will improve with age and develop a character of its own, adding warmth and elegance to any environment. Its natural markings, indicative of real leather, further enhance the beauty of genuine leather.

LeatherTiletm is available in full-size hides of 12-15 square feet, or die-cut to a variety of stock sizes and shapes, as well as custom. This allows for many pattern options. Please forward your leather floor tile design and we will be pleased to provide a quotation. We can also supply installation services.

LeatherTiletm is water resistant but we suggest that it not be used in bathrooms or kitchens. Consider them more for hallways, libraries, stairways, family rooms, living rooms, corporate offices, clubs, bedrooms, lounges, retail, restaurants, reception areas, etc.

Our color range features seven standard leather colors, however custom colors are available with a minimum of 500 sq. ft. per color. Please contact your CCLI representative for a LeatherTiletm card.

See our LeatherTiletm Pattern Suggestions A as a printable high-res PDF or lower-res .JPG file.

See our LeatherTiletm Pattern Suggestions B as a printable high-res PDF or lower-res .JPG file.

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LeatherPullstm a new line of leather-wrapped door pulls thatincorporate hand-stitched saddle leather in a variety of colors, textures and stitch patterns… a signature touch for hospitality, corporate, retail and residential projects. The luxury of real leather combined with individual craftsmanship lends a distinctive flair to one-of-a-kind interiors.

Our range of door and drawer pulls may be restyled or totally customized for particular projects. The leather may be coordinated with leather floor and wall tiles as well as leather upholstery.

Click here for a slide show showing the fabrication of one of our LeatherPullstm door pulls!

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