C. C. Limited has searched the world to bring its customers the most unusual and interesting leather products available. And C. C. Limited continues this process by offering fabrication of one-of-a-kind leather products built to your exact specification.


C. C. Limited's Prati floorcoverings and pillows, and Soma leather rugs, are among the most interesting and luxurious leather product available today. This unique acollection of unique floorcoverings features luxurious leathers and hair-on cowhides. These hand-crafted pieces create un-ordinary interiors with a distinctive flair. Functional yet witty designs can be custom-tailored to fit your space and decor. C. C. Leathers Inc. your source for distinctive accessories.




C. C. Limited has sourced some of the most exotic leathers available for your most demanding and unusual applications. Our exotics range from finished and unfinished snake and lizard skin to stingray. If you are looking for a truly one-of-a-kind material contact us to discuss how our exotic leathers can meet your needs




Custom Products

C. C. Limited's artisans have fabricated a wide range of unique leather objects - custom table tops, boxes, chessboards... if there is an application for leather you can think of we have probably done it, and if not we want to try.


Our special Romanza line of Italian printed leather patterns including: medallions, wood-cut patterns, lizard, ostrich, crocodile and many more in standard and custom colors. these are all cowhide, but embossed to look like these and many other patterns. Custom colors and finishes.

Hair-On Cowhides

A unique range of hair-on "natural" cowhides. Our Stenciled Cowhides include patterns such as pony, zebra, tiger, giraffe and many more. Available in a wide range of natural cow species and exotic animal prints.

Pradini Solid Color Cowhides

In addition to natural cowhides, CCLI offers dyed hair-on cowhides, in a range of 18 solid colors. These are in natural shapes and average 40 sq. ft. in size. Ideal as area rugs or upholstery!