C.C. Leathers supplies a wide variety of upholstery leathers. These include:

Finished leathers - for high traffic areas: corporate offices, hotels, kitchens, family rooms.

Unfinished leathers - for low traffic areas: executive offices, residential, upscale hospitality.

Waxed and distressed leathers.

Specialty leathers for vertical wall panel application. Click here for a PDF brochure!

Automotive/Marine/Aircraft - fire-rated leathers.

Embossed leathers, including perforated, herringbone and basketweave in various patterns available on many leathers. Click here to see more!

Our special Romanza line of Italian printed leather patterns including: medallions, wood-cut patterns, lizard, ostrich, crocodile and many more in standard and custom colors. these are all cowhide, but embossed to look like these and many other patterns. Custom colors and finishes. Click here for a PDF brochure!

Hair-on Solid and Stenciled Hides, a unique range of solid colors and mixed colors of hair-on "natural" cowhides. Our Stenciled Cowhides include patterns such as pony, zebra, tiger, giraffe and many more. Available in a wide range of natural cow species and exotic animal prints. Click here for a PDF brochure!

EcoNovita is a "green" leather in the fact that it is truly a “leave no trace” product. There are other lower cost vegetable retanned leathers on the market but they cannot meet the same technical specifications nor high environmental standards set for EcoNovitaone of the few truly eco-friendly leathers available in the world.